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Great for traveling
been using eSIM Plus for a few months now and Im overly happy with their service. I travel a lot for work and leisure, and eSIM Plus allows me to stay connected wherever I go. I don’t have to worry about roaming fees or finding a local SIM card anymore. I can just switch to the best mobile data plan for each country or region with a few taps on my phone. The internet speed and reliability are excellent, also I get to make cheap calls and texts with their virtual phone numbers. Hassle free.,
G Man
Simple and practical.
The app doesn't have many functions as it doesn't need them. Saying about its unique features JK, my first time reading every sentence of policy and terms. It doesn't sound well but the user must read it, otherwise, you guys will piss off at eSIM again. they even put policies and terms on the main page for users' awareness. Anyway, 3 of my 4 stars come from the theme. What I will so-called an aesthetic elegant theme is something remarkable.
Htet Myet
Easy to use
This application interface is clean, smooth and runs without any problem, very accessible and easy to use for any user.
cryptofx Market
Efficient for frequent travelers
The eSIM Plus Mobile Data Travel app proved to be a reliable companion throughout my trip, ensuring seamless connectivity in various countries. While there were a few areas for improvement, such as providing more visual guidance during setup and enhancing network performance in congested areas, the app delivered on its promise of convenient and affordable mobile data services. I recommend the eSIM Plus Mobile Data Travel app to frequent travelers looking for an efficient and hassle-free way stay online.
Samer Hussam Eddin
Excellent call quality
The eSIM virtual number app is easy to use and set up. Call quality is excellent and the app allows forwarding to other devices. Customization options are a plus. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a reliable virtual number solution.
Amadi jessica
Second number
It’s a very good app for having a second number . I recommend it to you all
Best Free eSim App
I can say that the eSIM Plus is a game-changer in the world of mobile connectivity. This app allows you to easily switch between different mobile networks without having to physically change your SIM card. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it a seamless experience to switch between networks. The app also offers competitive rates and plans, making it an affordable option for those who travel frequently or want to have a backup network available. Overall, the eSIM Plus app is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay connected and have the flexibility to switch between networks effortlessly.
The man or Integrity
Better than TextNow Even!!
I have been a hardcore user of TextNow for some time and while they have majority of what you need, they now charge a service or lock in fee to receive verification codes! Not only have a found an app that can give you a free number with unlimited talking, texting, and faxing even; I’ve also found one that can verify my accounts on websites!!
Butterflies in Jade
Customer care responds really fast and I have been using other virtual numbers but eSIM Plus is better, no bad reception cos you can hear clearly what ur caller is saying. I will recommend eSIM Plus for everyone that needs to reach their family and friends overseas or anywhere in the world.
Great virtual eSIM Plus app
First I want to tell the happiest things that on Demand message charge are very suitable. Coins are moderately priced. Will be happy if $99.9 have 20coins by its price. Sms and Call services are very stable & confidential. eSIM Plus is very helpful for my own small business management, I’m very happy on their customer services. Anyway, on my side this one is a trusted app that never I will leave but please decrease the coin price or other hand increase the coins on current prices. Thank you
Biplob Roy Thakurgaon

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