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How to get an SMS?

Follow these 3 simple steps to receive SMS with our virtual phone numbers:
Get a virtual phone number
Pick a country to get a phone number from a trusted provider based over there. Let’s say you’re going to register, for example, on WhatsApp.
Use it to receive SMS
Copy and paste the chosen number when filling in the WhatsApp sign-up form.
Receive SMS from any online platform!
Use the received verification code to confirm registration and secure your business phone number without needing any additional phones!
Available payment methods
Credit card

Advanced Features of our communication lines

Efficient text message management
Messaging from your new caller id has no limits! Send and receive SMS from absolutely any service or platform.
Two-way phone call management
Make and receive calls from any number or service using our international calling system.
User-friendly control panel in many languages
Enjoy the benefits of using the most convenient navigation systems in the mobile app and desktop versions.
Access numbers on any device without cookies
Your virtual numbers are stored via our cloud-based portal, ensuring they're available across different devices.
Affordable pricing, transparent conditions, no roaming fees!
Get virtual numbers at lucrative prices and improve your business performance.
Convenient payment options
Pay with your credit card or cryptocurrency via our secure payment system, ensuring no additional costs.
24/7 Customer Support
Reach out to the customer support specialists of our team, who are real people with years of experience, anytime!
Quick and easy setup
Get a custom virtual phone number for your specific needs in just 3 minutes.

Over 350000 users choose ESIM Plus for getting virtual phone numbers worldwide

Andy Dickinson
I don’t spam my personal number.Thnx
I often communicate with clients at work and this service helps a lot. I bought virtual mobile number (by the way, you can buy an unlimited number of them and use them on one device) so that I could make calls and not spam my personal number.
The best on the market now
I think it’s the best thing on the market right now. Numbers are inexpensive, I register on exchanges without any problems and phone numbers. I like when everything works properly – it saves money and nerve cells.
Highly recommend!
I had a particular desire to have one phone for all my clients and customers, and traditional phone numbers for users, partners, family and loved ones. Luckily, these virtual cell phone numbers helped me with that. Highly recommend.
No regrets after installing
I fly a lot, so I was looking for smth as simple as possible to stay connected anywhere in the world. I downloaded this app and didn’t regret it! International calls are significantly cheaper than roaming.
Good for WhatsApp Registration
My preferences were to register in WhatsApp and didn’t want to use my personal number. I bought virtual telephone number here and successfully passed the registration. Thanks!

Get a virtual phone number for free

We offer an opportunity to try out our products for free. Just download the app and send us an email saying "I want a free number!". Our support team will get back to you shortly!

Download the app and manage your virtual phone numbers with greater comfort
  • Two-way phone call management
  • Efficient text message management
  • Round-the-Clock online customer support
  • User-friendly localized control panel
  • Access to virtual phone numbers on any device without cookies
  • Budget-friendly rates, crystal-clear terms, zero roaming charges
Download mobile app
What is a virtual phone number?
Simply put, it is an online phone number that allows the user to directly connect to the provider companies without the extra step of inserting a physical SIM card using SIM card tray tools.

We provide high-quality solutions for acquiring unlimited virtual phone numbers regardless of your location. Not only that, but our company also provides multiple subscription plans, which cater to businesses both small and large. Install our mobile app to start making international calls and exchanging text messages right away!
How can I get a virtual phone number?
– Visit our website or install the ESIM Plus app. Create an account and start exploring available services using our menu.

– Get to know each and every product including our mostly sought after numbers from various countries such as Canada, Mexico, and the UK (United Kingdom).

– Choosing between our different, yet accessible paid plans may take hours, if not a whole day. Keep in mind, our support department is always eager to help, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the price, PBX or MMS!

– Purchase the virtual phone number in a click and adjust its settings for your convenience.

When you acquire a virtual number, one of our experts will reach out to you to answer all your questions and help you configure all the necessary settings. If their advice proves insufficient, our tech support team will make sure to give you with all the information you may need to resolve the issues that arise.
How can I buy a virtual phone number?
First, sign in using your login and password. Select any number and subscription plan option you prefer from those available on the ESIM Plus web or mobile app. Top up your balance by the required amount and activate the virtual phone number you’ve just purchased!

See for yourself how convenient and fast it is with a demo! Contact our team for a chance to try out our product for free!
How can I deactivate a virtual phone number?
All our virtual phone numbers are leased monthly and they are usually automatically renewed per month provided you have enough funds on your balance.

You can disable the auto-renewal in the Settings section under the selected phone number. If the funds on your balance run out or are not enough to prolong the subscription for the next month, your virtual number will stop working and become deactivated.

You will have the chance to restore it within ten days from the date of deactivation.
Will I receive a SIM card along with a virtual number linked to my phone?
No, simply because there’s no need for that. You won’t need a regular physical SIM card to be able to utilize a virtual phone number. Activating it won’t take much time and effort because you’ll be using it online, with the help of eSIM technology. Hence, you’ll need nothing more than a smartphone and a prepaid virtual number.

Plus, a notable advantages of such technology is how physical presence of the user does not affect their options. International communications have been made easy with direct access to numbers around the globe, including all continents, Australia and beyond!
Does my virtual phone number require additional activation after purchase?
No, there’s no need to additionally activate your virtual phone number. Feel free to start using it for making calls and exchanging messages as soon as you complete the purchase on our website or within the mobile app!
How can I top up my ESIM Plus account?
Log into your account to view your balance. You can pay for your virtual phone number using the funds on your balance charged via credit cards or cryptocurrency.
Where can I use a virtual number?
You can use your virtual phone number wherever you are, since our service offers global coverage. As soon as you activation is complete after purchase, you will gain unlimited access to making virtual calls, exchanging text messages, and using VoIP in any corner of the world.

Whether you’re looking to set up microsoft, google or social media accounts, we’ve got your back. For instance, you may enter an AI generated full name, add your new line with an area code from Georgia into the contact information field, and complete the verification process with codes sent from automated SMS services, while staying completely anonymous!

You may also get another line for separating your work and personal lives. Instead of carrying around multiple phones in the office or at home, manage your contacts on ESIM Plus, as it gives you the best possible user experience! You won’t ever find yourself in search of additional resources.
Am I required to have an eSIM-compatible mobile device to be able to use a virtual phone number?
There’s no need to worry about compatibility! Our virtual numbers will work perfectly fine with smartphones of any model, regardless of them supporting eSIM or not, thanks to eSIM technology’s flexibility.
For how long can I use a virtual number?
You can use a virtual number for 30 days from the date of purchase. After that, your virtual number rent will be automatically renewed as long as you have sufficient funds in your balance. The balance can be topped up automatically as part of your subscription or by making a one-time payment.
Why can’t I receive SMS on my phone?
We only provide verified virtual phone numbers and guarantee successful exchange of messages. However, we do not rule out the slight probability of your virtual number getting tracked and blocked by third-party services.

If such blocking instances occur, check if there are any third-party services involved, then if the problem does not solve, chat with a professional of our support team and we’ll find the solution for the block.
Can I link my own phone number to my ESIM Plus account?
Unfortunately, for privacy and security reasons, you are allowed to use only the virtual phone numbers that you acquired through our services. Using external phone numbers for the same purposes is strictly prohibited.
How can I get a virtual phone number free of charge?
We offer an opportunity to use a test virtual phone number at no cost. For more information, please reach out to our tech support team at [email protected].
How can I use a virtual phone number?
Our virtual phone numbers come with a pre-determined set of features, specified before the purchase. For instance, some virtual phone numbers are designed solely for making calls or exchanging text messages, while others combine these two functions. Apart from that, virtual phone numbers allow you to establish a secure and high-speed Internet connection.
What unique enterprise and vanity solutions does ESIM Plus provide?
We cater to both large businesses and individuals by offering tailored solutions and vanity numbers for memorable, specific sequences. Our platform is a resource hub, with blogs and more, to understand and utilize these advanced features effectively.
How is the communication optimized?
Our advanced routing system ensures calls and messages are seamlessly forwarded, while integration with traditional landlines allows users to tie their virtual number to conventional lines. Whether you're in remote areas or urban centers, communication remains so stable, that you can even enjoy crystal clear video calls.

Are you planning meetings or greetings for clientele in places like New York or anywhere globally? Our numbers can be used for setting up efficient conferencing systems. They can also be integrated into platforms that allow for expanding, using port features, or ensuring legal compliance. While we don’t offer direct forwarding services, our virtual numbers can easily be incorporated into systems that do, enhancing your overall approach to resources and learning.
Do I incur any toll charges when making international calls?
While ESIM Plus strives to offer the most competitive rates, there are instances where toll charges apply, especially for certain international destinations. However, these charges are usually lower compared to many other providers. But it's always a good idea to check the specific rates for the country you're calling. Another advantage of using ESIM Plus is the transparency in our pricing, ensuring there are no hidden fees or surprise costs.

Additionally, to avoid roaming charges, users can purchase a line in each country, ensuring even greater savings.

Frequently Asked Questions